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Conducting this research has demonstrated sheer scale of the landscape and progress of the artificial intelligence industry.“When we search on Google, it’s an AI deciding what we should see.

When a dating site matches two people together there’s a machine learning algorithm…

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The Karbo Com team secured a feature article in Seattle’s NBC KING 5 News as well as a broadcast interview with Townsquared Co-founder, Nipul Patel.

It is our job as PR pros to read and understand the news relevant to our clients, be invested in their products and services, and recognize trends in the industry.

It makes your job much more enjoyable and exciting when you’re interested in the topic or market, which is why I wanted to pursue tech PR. If there is a country concert in town (or driving distance, like Stagecoach), I’m there. A: Beauty and the Beast Q: Tell us something we wouldn’t know about you. I hate chocolate, whipped cream, icing and caramel. I carry “emergency” salt in my wallet in case I find myself eating somewhere that doesn’t have it.

Please let me know if that’s the case or if you think there are companies I should add to the list. Capio — language transcription and recognition Clover Intelligence — ?

Deepgram — transcribes insights from phone calls, video footage, and online Gridspace — discover more customer and employee conversations Mind Meld — advanced AI to power conversational interface Nexidia — turns customer interactions into valuable insights Pop Up Archive — makes sound searchable Talk IQ — critical insights about your customers conversations Twilio — building blocks to add messaging, voice, and video to web apps Arago/HIRO — optimise and autonomously IT and business operations Arimo —behavioural AI for Io TAyasdi — a suite of intelligent applications for enterprise Data Robot — a range of products to improve enterprise products Dataminr — discovers events and breaking information before the news Electra by Lore — helps you to answer questions about your business Einstein — a smarter Salesforce Fuzzy AI — adds intelligent decision making to web and mobile apps — helps you index, search, visualise and analyse your data NXT AI — is a framework for temporal pattern recognition and prediction Paxata — to transform raw data into useful information automatically — helps you monitor server bugs Sundown — automates repetitive tasks within your business UBIX — making complex data science easy for enterprise Algorithmia — a common API for many algorithms, functions and models Arya — workbench for neural networks Cognitive Scale — advanced industry specific ML for the enterprise Digital Reasoning — advanced machine learning for enterprise Fluid AI — advanced machine learning for enterprise H2— open source machine learning and deep learning platform Loop AI Labs — advanced machine learning for enterprise Nervana — deep learning as computational system Petuum — advanced machine learning for enterprise Scaled Inference — advanced machine learning for enterprise Sentient — range of financial, ecommerce and digital marketing AI products Skymind — open-source deep learning and ETL for enterprise on the JVMVicarious — advanced machine learning for enterprise Loom Systems — log Analysis for enterprises Amazon Mechanical Turk — marketplace to automate simple processes Crowd AI — automate the discovery of objects at scale Datalogue — automatically prepare any data for immediate & compliant use Data Sift — helps structure data from social media and blog Diffbot — automatically extract web pages as structured data — extract data from almost any website Playment — training data, image annotation and more for enterprise Work Fusion — tools for operations team to automate business processes Big ML — single platform for all predictive use cases Crowd Flower — training data, image annotation for machine learning teams Dataiku — data science platform for prototype, deploy, and run at scale Data Science — enterprise data science platform for R&D and production Domino Data Lab — platform for collaborating, building and deploying Exploratory — makes DS accessible to analysts with Open Source algorithms Kaggle — helps you learn, work, and play with machine learning models Rapid Miner — makes data science teams more productive Seldon — helps DS teams put machine learning models into production Sherlock ML — a platform to build, test, and deploy AI algorithms Spark — research engine, capable of discovering complex patterns in data Tamr — makes data unification of data silos possible Trifacta — helps put data into useful structures for analysis Yhat — allows data scientists to deploy and update predictive models rapidly Yseop — automate the writing of reports, websites, emails, articles and more An Odot — detects business incidents Bonsai — develop more adaptive, trusted and programmable AI models — helps predict project timelines — adds intelligent decision making to web and mobile apps Gigster — connecting projects with the right team Kite — augments your coding environment with web available knowledge Layer 6 AI — deep learning platform for prediction and personalisation Morph — makes developing chatbots for your business easy Ozz — make your bot smarter, by helping it self learn Rainforest QA — rapidly web and mobile app testing Signif AI — increase server uptime and predict downtime Turtle — project management and chat software that’s easy for teams Alation — helps you work together, improve productivity, and data indexing Cycorp — a range of different AI enterprise products Databricks — takes the pain of cluster management away to focus on — helps predict project timelines Gavagi — insight into online trends and other text analytics tools IBM Watson — AI platform for business Kyndi — helps knowledge workers process vast amounts of information One Factor — Saa S AI for risk management and operations Probot — makes your business software smarter Sapho — helps employees with tasks and access data using micro apps Sofia — better website analytics Bonsai — develop more adaptive, trusted and programmable AI models Cycorp — a range of different AI enterprise products Datacratic — helps you focus your digital ad on people you want to — analyse data in the form of images, speech, text and video Geometric Intelligence — now apart of the Uber AI Labs Hyper Science — can do menial task work, saving time for employees Nara Logics — platform to unite siloed data for better recommendations Sig Opt — improves machine learning models 100x faster Alluvium — platform delivers real-time operational insights for industry Black — learns about shoppers behaviour in your store C3 Io T — helps to unify application development and data science KONUX — sensor analytics solution for businesses Imubit — machine learning for manufacturing process optimisation Maana — a range of workflow optimisation products for fuel and industry Predix — helps you develop, deploy, and operate industrial apps Planet OS — helps renewable energy companies utilise their data better Sight Machine — manufacturing analytics Sentenai — automates data engineering for data science Snips — add a voice assistant to your connected product Thing Worx — platform to manage the development for your Io T applications Uptake — a predictive platform for major industries Verdigris — smart building management for commercial buildings Agolo — creates summaries from your text and information in real-time AYLIEN — extract meaning from your text and visuals Compreno — text analytics and mining which works without any training — advanced language —automatic knowledge acquisition from text Intro Spect by Lore — build profile and understand your users better Lexalytics — scaleable text analytics software Luminoso — capture, measure, and act on customer feedback Monkey Learn — scalable API to automate text classification Narrative Science — interprets your data more useful information Qeep — helps you find errors and inaccuracies in documentsspa Cy — free open-source library natural of language processing in Python Salient — automates information extraction, management and analysis Stride — turn text into insights Textio — helps improve how your job ads are written Yseop — automate the writing of reports, websites, emails, articles and more ABBYY — add instant text capture functionality to mobile apps and more!

he long awaited Part 2 of 3 of this series has arrived.

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Przy okazji kolędy kapłan poznaje również warunki życia ludzi, za których jest odpowiedzialny, ich kłopoty, zmartwienia, ale również i radości. Nie lekceważmy tego i jeżeli jest to możliwe, niech w czasie kolędy wszyscy domownicy będą obecni w domu. Tak jak na przyjęcie ważnego gościa, bo przecież przychodzi nie tylko kapłan, ale i Jezus Chrystus ze swoim błogosławieństwem.… continue reading »

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Neither Ole Joe nor I collect(ed) gay fiction, and some of what she reviews falls in that category, so not all her story reviews will be listed in this document. A Needle Through the Heart Airheads Amber – The Making of a Fuck Toy Angie CEL-361: 10-9-8 (Billy G) Animal Attraction CEL-346: 10-10-9 Bad Girls CEL-347: 10-10-10 Billiard Balls CEL-329: 10-10-10 Breaking Maria Britney Gives It Up Call Girl Cheerleaders Consanguinity CEL-321: 10-9-9 Continental Drift Eighteen Hundred Words Eye of the Beholder CEL-357: 10-10-10 Full Custody Godzilla vs. A Missy Christmas CEL-255: 10-9-9 Beach Boy Mon, Charly the Yard Guy 10-10-10 CR 183, #34 on Celeste's Top 100 of 97 Coping CEL-354: 10-10-9.5 Dancing in the Dark CEL-245: 10-10-10 Dare 10-10-10 *Cel-98 Dating Ritual 10-10-10 *Cel-100 Discovery #18 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, 10-10-10 *Cel-103 Dyad *Cel-177: 10-10-10 Essay Getting It Right 10-10-10 *Cel-97 How to Write Stories Good *Cel-183: 10-10-10 *A rating Annex Reviews In/Out Law *Cel-177: 10-10-10 Justice #24 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, 10-10-10 *Cel-109 Lovely Girl #29 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, 10-10-10 *Cel-99 Molly in Suspense CEL-278: 10-10-10 Neighbors 10-10-10 *Cel-111 One Moment in Time Philly 10-10-10 *Cel-113 Private Party CEL-364: 10-10-10 Psychology CEL-352: 10-10-10 Remembering #17 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, 10-10-10 *Cel-115 Road Trip 10-10-10 *Cel-117 Seduction 10-10-10 *Cel-119 Siblings A personal favorite of Ole Joe, ***, 10-9-10 *Cel-121 Snow in July, Stevie in August CEL-353: 10-10-10 The Babysitting Drama CEL-267: 10-10-10 The Bedpost CEL-277: 10-10-10 The Big Time CEL-219: 10-10-10 The Chair The Dare *Cel-177: 10-10-10 The First Time Trances #49 on Celeste's Top 100 of 1996, 10-10-10 *Cel-123 Until Next Year 10-8-6 *Cel-125 Vamps 10-9-9 *Cel-127 (M1ke hunt) Mike only began posting stories in March/April of 1997.… continue reading »

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Since 1991, the DNR has conducted a standardized system of collecting reports of cougars and other rare mammals.… continue reading »

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