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17-Dec-2017 15:24

The story then comes back to the present as Meenakshi is a grown girl preparing for her 10 STD exams.

Unni has regressed to a village life after he chose to play Meenakshi's brother-father.

Devaki (Unni's mother) wants to have a grandchild and she is concerned as Ramakrishnan has been married a few years without children.

In her desire to become a grandmother she visits many temples and holy functions to pray for a grandchild.

But in a twist of fate an amorous relation takes a second bud between Devaki and her husband Easwarapilla and she becomes pregnant.

The parents are ashamed at the first signs of the pregnancy and worry about how their grown children will react to this news.

But they are surprised by the enthusiasm of Unni and the mature and supportive attitude of Ramakrishnan.

Devaki gives birth to a girl but dies during childbirth.

Pavithram is a 1994 Indian Malayalam-language drama film directed by T. The film deals with the relationship between siblings Unnikrishnan (Mohanlal) and Meenakshi (Vinduja Menon) who have an almost 30 year age difference between them.

During the rituals, Unni comes to find it difficult to go through with the rituals as he then believe that his father is alive; he walks away declaring that his father is not dead.