Updating traditional dining room furniture

01-Jul-2017 17:01

The movie screen drops enough to hide the television but doesn't cover the surround-sound system's front speakers.

In the 2013 HGTV Smart Home canvas artwork retracts to reveal flat-screen TVs.

When not in use, TV covers scroll down to create a framed art experience.

The media system is controled by a smart tablet or Web-enabled device Moore Audio Design used window treatments to help eliminate natural light, while a Screen Innovations 97-inch Black Diamond Zero Edge screen amplifies light coming from the projector.

Design by Audio Video Interiors When it's time to watch a movie in this room, the projector drops out of the ceiling and the screen drops down from a reclaimed beam in the ceiling.His and hers HD DVRs as well as two additional DVRs for guests takes this charming living room to the next level of entertainment.